Moving can be a serious pain in the bum. There are far too many little things that need to be packed, there are too many heavy boxes that your aching back doesn’t want to help carry anymore, and there’s still the whole unpacking process after that. No matter how many times you move, it always seems as if there has to be a more efficient, less painful way to go about the whole thing. Here are some tips that’ll hopefully make your next move go a little more smoothly. 

1. Putting paper plates between your real plates can help protect your plates from breaking while you are moving.

2. Can’t remember which box is for what room? Or maybe you accidentally already packed that trusty marker. Try using different colored duct tape for each room in the house.

3. Finding a way to conveniently pack up all those little things in the kitchen can be stressful. The spice cabinet alone is enough to make anyone cringe when it comes time to moving. Place those spices in a large crockpot. Better yet, apply this process to any empty space like trashcans and baskets.

4. Packing kids’ toys can be another nightmare. If you keep the toys in bins, simply use plastic wrap to keep the items from falling out of the bins. This makes unpacking simple.

5. Cut out handles in heavy boxes to make lifting easier. Use a utility knife to create triangular cutouts.

6. Throw pillows, sheets, blankets, stuffed animals, and towels all make great padding to protect fragile items. Using t-shirts is one of my favorite ways to pack coffee mugs.

7. Using rolling luggage for heavy items is an easy way to save your back a whole lot of hurt. You can roll the suitcase from the house to the car with minimal effort.

8. Take all of your clothes in the closet and scrunch them together. Then take a garbage bag and put the clothes in it. Leave the top of the hangers sticking out. This will keep all your clothes together, prevent a majority of wrinkles, and make it easy to stick in your new closet.

9. Use empty wine case boxes (that can be found for free by asking at local stores that sell wine) to store glasses and vases safely.

10. Utilize that hamper. Hampers are a great way to move those odd shaped things that won’t fit in a traditional box.

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By Steve Clark - Clarkliving | October 9th, 2014 | Uncategorized