Growing up in Chicago I was exposed early on to the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, Mies van der Rohe, the list goes on. Chicago is a truly remarkable region to turn someone on to the many forms a home or building can take on. Moving often helped me understand the different ways a new home can change your daily routine: where you sit for breakfast, the fun of a laundry chute, sharing a bathroom, having your own room, and so on.

I was raised in and around brokerage and rental properties. There’s a thrill in the home office when the right home winds up with the right client, when a rental turns over and an even better fit lines up, and all of this drove me to work in real estate throughout high school and university. When I got to DePaul, I chose to major in real estate investment.

Steve Clark and I had a client in common during the waning years of my tennis business. Not only were they a client of both mine and Steve’s, but we both saw this client socially as well. It was a big triangulated love fest that led them to recommend that Steve and I meet for coffee so I could pick his brain on how he would recommend I proceed. And of course, the rest is history. Steve is a magnetic figure and who am I to fight it.

Between university and Clarkliving, I was teaching tennis while delving deeply into my late-onset obsession with surfing and training my Australian Cattle Dog, Calhoun. Every single day for years, I would teach tennis in the morning, drive to the beach and surf, drive back and have lunch/run errands, and then teach a few more lessons when kids got out of school.

In my transition to real estate, I bring with me an innate aesthetic sense and years of involvement with the industry. I hope to build out on an existing client base that already trusts me inherently through years of genuine caring service, passion, openness, and punctuality.

(213) 422-4800

CalDRE#: 02011523