Ceinwyn Clark

executive producer

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Ceinwyn Clark has been a “silent partner,” sounding board, and critical contributor to Clarkliving since before the company really even existed. Up until 2018, she didn’t have an obvious voice within the team, though a lot of what she and husband Steve Clark discussed in private became part of the Clarkliving business plan.

After more than 20 years working as an executive producer of music and sound design for commercials, TV, and film, Ceinwyn decided to trade in her exhaustive cross-city commute for a better quality of life. She decided to focus on their two kids and working with non-profits, chief among them being Planned Parenthood Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley.

When a critical member of the team exited, we had to rethink our team structure and figure out the most effective way to move forward. With an extensive background in communicating with clients, vendors, and artists, as well as keeping the unsexy parts of a business running seamlessly, Ceinwyn was the natural choice and the perfect fit for the role of Clarkliving’s executive producer. The balance she creates within the team parallels the balance she creates within the Clark home- she’s the patient, perseverant, level-headed anchor among rogue creatives.

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