April Kass is city girl through and through. She was born in the Bronx and raised in Los Angeles by a couple of East Coast hippies. The result is an open book with no filter.

Prior to becoming a Realtor, Kass worked in an affiliated business within the real estate industry for 12 years, as the marketing director for a large real estate inspection firm. When she transitioned into being a real estate agent, it was a natural fit, and she quickly learned that she’d made the best career choice of her life. Kass feels very fortunate to get to work with the people she does, in the neighborhoods where she grew up.

Kass believes whole-heartedly that each client she’s had the honor of representing is brought into her life for a reason, and she finds that the clients that hire her tend to be people that she connects with on a much deeper level than a business transaction. She genuinely cares about people and humanity as a whole, and her fundamental goal in each real estate transaction is to make it the best possible experience for her clients every single step of the way.

Outside of real estate, Kass spends as much time as she can eating everything in her line of vision, singing with her band, and volunteering with local organizations. She serves as the secretary for a small non-profit called Compassion Through Action, as well as running her own volunteer group called Compassion Club where she organizes monthly volunteer projects at local homeless shelters and organizations.

(323) 899-1750

DRE#: 01970385