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Charlie is the kind of guy I want to hang out with. He is smart and thoughtful. I was lucky enough to work with Charlie and sell his incredible house on Rustic, in Mount Washington. The home mirrored so many of Charlie’s enviable attributes. He was always clear about the process and never got rattled. Because of his approach, the process was seamless. I now consider him a friend.

Client Review – Jason M. – Steve Clark – Deasy penner & Clark

Client Review – Michael A. – Steve Clark – Deasy Penner & Clark

Working with Dave was awesome. His knowledge of real estate, design and construction is inspiring. His home on Dimmick, in Mount Washington, was nothing short of incredible. His attention to detail and quality was apparent from the moment I saw the house. I’ve been recommending him to my clients as a thoughtful general contractor who can tackle intricate jobs.

Michael was nothing but a joy to work with. The process was arduous but he always had a good sense of humor. We pushed him to get his house to look the best it could and he was always on board. Aside from the real estate aspects of our relationship, and talking rock and roll with him was incredible. He is a true aficionado. I’m so glad that I got to work with him and that he’s off to the next chapter of his amazing life.

Working with Matt and Beth was a dream. They had a great perspective and an immediate understanding of the process which made our relationship super easy. They were referred to me by another great client, so I knew off the bat that we would get along great. The process for first time buyers like Matt and Beth can be a little daunting, so I’m super grateful they trusted me with their first real estate experience. I not only walked away with great new clients, now I also have friends who are much younger and cooler than I am. Thanks, Matt and Beth!

A Facebook Success story.  Meeting Matt and Paloma via Facebook still blows my mind. I got a message from Matt introducing himself and asking me to come by and take a look at their home.  The second I met them I felt like we were all good friends. We both have young sons and share the love of music.  I’ll never forget in our initial meeting Paloma walked me through a quick meditation exercise. Seriously!  And it was phenomenal.

The love that they show one another was evident in the way they kept their home.  Simply a beautiful space.

I’m so happy for them as they’re onto the next chapter. Thanks Matt and Paloma, you’re the best.

Kris and Nicole are thoughtful, intelligent and discerning.  I liked them immediately.  As a matter of fact, it felt like we had already known each other.  And, as it turns out, we sort of did.  LA being an oddly small city within the entertainment industry, Kris and I figured out that he produced two of my band’s videos over a decade ago.  He told me that when he and Nicole researched realtors online, my profile jumped out at them.  Knowing them as I do now, I recognize what an honor it is that they chose to work with me.  They are an amazing family and working with them has been a pleasure.  And last but not least, Noah may be the cutest little guy in the world.

Robert and Jana were amazing clients to work with.  I literally met Robert on the street when I was picking up open house signs from a house I had on the market in his immediate neighborhood.  He invited me in, showed me the home, and the rest was history.  Although their home was beautiful, I felt it needed a little staging to bring it over the top. They were very much on board with the process. I brought my team in and got the place ready to go.  Showing the house was always fun because pig boy and I would essentially play while the clients were taken in by the home and view.  Robert and Jana, thanks for being so great.

Alan and I met in early 2006.  He was referred to me from a colleague who described Alan as a, “great guy who is looking for a home with a recoding studio.”  I really enjoyed the process of getting to know Alan and figuring out what aesthetic he liked and just as importantly, what aesthetic he didn’t like.  Alan had made it very clear that he wanted to be somewhere where he could walk to nearby stores.  We found a great home with a very large, three car-detached garage that would be perfect to built out his studio.  The house was located in Atwater and was very close to the strip of Glendale Blvd that houses, Proof, Viet, Canele and many more. He was very happy with the home and location and moved quickly to get it. Alan and I became fast friends.  He has had countless dinners with my family and always takes the time to sit down at the piano with my kids for a quick lesson.

Erin and has been a close friend for over fifteen years.  Both of my kiddos call her Auntie Erin because she’s become part of our family.  When I got the call that she was going to buy her first home, it was exciting and daunting at the same time.  Working with close friends and family can be more intense than usual.  I wanted to find her the perfect home for the perfect price, all while riding the fine line between friend and client.  Erin knew what she wanted and we actually had a blast in the process. When looking at one prospective home, she was the one who referred to the two huge doberman pinchers next door to  as “DEAL” and “KILLER”.  Hysterical.  In the end we were both delighted to find a fantastic home for her…without scary pet neighbors.

Working with Chris was a dream.  Some of my clients are people I am meeting for the very first time and others are already my friends.  Chris and his wonderful kids are great friends of mine and helping find a home for them was nothing short of an honor.  Owning and running Blueprint Furniture,, Chris, clearly has an incredible sense of style and was very specific with what he wanted.  He told me that he wanted to be in Silver Lake and that walking to certain destinations, such as the dog park, LA Mill and the Junction was imperative. I became very familiar with his aesthetic so when it was time to find him a home I knew what to look for.  I put the word out to a few of my real estate agent friends in Silver Lake to see if they had anything coming up.  In fact, the perfect home was a week away from being marketed and I was able to get Chris in before it hit the market.  After a couple of days of negotiations, we opened escrow on what proved to be the perfect home for he and his kiddos.  Chris and his children remain some of our closest friends and I loved helping them find their home in Silver Lake.

Jason and my wife originally met through mutual colleagues and became fast friends who bonded over several lunches. They discovered that Jason and I have a lot in common. My wife was convinced that Jason and I would dig each other and she was right. So, when Jason had some real estate questions, my wife put us in touch.

I met Jason at his condo in West Hollywood to discuss his options for leasing versus selling. Since it was an investment property, and we agreed he could get a good lease amount, Jason decided to lease it. We made some minor aesthetic tweaks and got it on the market. This launched the beginning of a great friendship.

When it came time to purchase a home, Jason and his wife gave me a call. I listened to what they were looking for: architecture, location, etc. I set up five homes for them to view. We saw all five properties and then they slept on it. The first home they saw was the one they ended up wanting. It is a beautiful mid-century with many of the original details intact. After some negotiations, we got the offer accepted.

Jason and Kimberly were dream clients. They had strong opinions but were always reasonable. As you can see from the video, the home is beautiful. I am so lucky to have worked with them and call them my friends.

Client review with the one and only Reno Wilson. He has been a great client to work with, both on the buying and selling ends. I am honored to be his Realtor and friend.

I have had the good fortune of representing Xander on two purchases and one sale in Silver Lake.  When I met him he was a very young musician living alone here in LA with a family overseas.  It was a daunting task, but his parents put their trust in me to help him find the right property and guide him through the process.  It worked out great.  I feel lucky to call them my friends.

Working with Cristina and her family was amazing and a pleasure. I was entrusted with the sale of their incredible home as well as finding them a new home to purchase. The journey was a special one, and our families have become great friends. Thank you Cristina!