Average Home Price in LA County for 2014

Average Home Price

The average home price is on the rise in Los Angeles County. It is hard to know whether now is the time to buy, to sell, or to just keep waiting.

According to Zillow predictions, the average home value is expected to rise 5.8 percent within the next year.

What are the average home price stats?

• Average home price in Los Angeles County is $483,400.

• The average price per square foot in LA County is $334.

• The average price per square foot in the Los Angeles Metro area is slightly higher at $345.

• The average listing price for homes on the market is $499,900.

• The average home price for homes that are sold is $482,250.

• The average rent price in Los Angeles County is $2,095.

The Health of the LA County Market

Average Home Price Home

According to Zillow, Los Angeles County’s market health scored a 9.1 out of 10 giving it the classification of a very healthy market.

Returning to the previous thought of when is the time to buy, sell, or wait, the answer is not to wait. If you are looking to buy a new home, it is best to sell your current home and buy now before values continue to spike.

With the health of the market in such a solid state, now is definitely a great time to make the change you are looking for.

Whether you are looking to expand your home for a growing family, buy your first home, or even move on from a family home and into the next stage of life, now is the time to do it.

Investing is another great opportunity right now. With the market expected to continue rising, the average home price will continue to rise. By purchasing now, you are looking at your investment gaining value.

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