The Big Parade 2014

Who is ready for this year’s Big Parade? We hope you are!

The Big Parade

This year will be the 6th annual Big Parade. It consists of a two-day walk in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 31st and Sunday, June 1st. This is something anyone can participate in, and it is 100 percent free!

There are roughly 80 public stairways and it travels over 35 miles from Downtown Los Angeles to the Griffith Observatory.

Do not get too freaked out over those 35 miles though. The Big Parade is designed on a timetable that allows anyone to come and go as they please. This means you can walk just a mile, or stick it out for the whole thing.

The Big Parade features music, art, history, guest speakers and there are usually surprises along the way. It is a great place to celebrate the city we live in… or just a good way to get out of the house this weekend.

The weather is projected to be in the high 70s with patches of clouds. If you are withering away from a lack of vitamin D, this is a great event for you.

The Big Parade 2014

The Big Parade 2014 Schedule:

•Saturday, May 31st – Day One’s map and a printable route guide and event program.

•Sunday, June 1st – Day Two’s map and a printable guide and program.

A good tip is to bring the food you plan to eat with you because there aren’t any stops built in for restaurant shops. There will be lunch breaks – and with live music – just not near all the food shops of Los Angeles.

For more information, check out The Big Parade’s website”.

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