Marty Tregnan Golf Academy

Tregnan Golf Academy
Sometimes it can be hard to move to the Los Angeles area with kids because parents fear that there are not enough activities for their kids. There fears should fade away at the growing number of facilities directed at the children in the Los Angeles area. The Tregnan Golf Academy recognized that there needed to be a greater opportunity for youth to discover the game of golf.

The Tregnan Golf Academy offers a state-of-the-art training and practice facility that has the sole dedication of helping kids learn the game of golf. There are three practice holes, a 15-stall 200-year driving range, a practice putting area, a practice chipping area, a practice bunker and a learning center.

I take my son to the Tregnan Golf Academy. I have discovered that it is just a really cool place. They offer programs like family golf and golf classes. The facility is for kids who range from 5 to 17. There are also tournaments, clinics and camps.

Marty Tregnan Golf Academy
The prices unbeatable. Plus, the whole entire staff really helps get the kids engaged with the game. They keep the instructions simple and spend time with each kid they are coaching. They make learning the fundamentals a lot of fun for the kids.

The Tregnan Golf Academy is located in a beautiful spot in Griffith Park. It is definitely worth checking out. It is a great place to relax while watching the kids learn and have a great time.

Griffith Park is full of activities for kids and is a great find for parents who are worried about finding activities for their kids to enjoy. In fact, the area is truly enjoyable for all age groups.

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