Union – A Pasadena Delight


Union is turning things around for food culture. In my last blog, I mentioned a growing “foodie culture” that is taking off. The United States has frequently been frowned upon when it comes to high quality, high standard, original creations of food dishes.

But, Union, a restaurant in Pasadena is really emphasizing their own Californian twist on some classic Italian dishes. Food standards are on the rise in the United States, and I think the food industry is starting to rise to the challenge.

Union emphasizes the importance of using local farmers to supply their restaurant. Fresh is the best, and the only way to get the freshest meals is to use the closest farmers.

The goal of Chef Bruce Kalman and Marie Petulla is to combine Northern Italian cuisine with a Californian twist. Not only to they boast delicious plates, fantastic reviews, and a restaurant full of character, but they also boast a really wonderful relationship with their local partners who help supply their kitchen with the freshest ingredients.

Union Dish

In fact, their website openly lists 24 of their local partners. In an age where just about every restaurant claims to provide fresh ingredients from the farm to your table, it never seems to be entirely clear where those farm fresh ingredients actually came from. Union proudly displays their partners.

But, you don’t really need the list of partners to know that their food is fresh. The taste of each of their dishes is truly exquisite.

In a world where anyone can be a food critic, Yelp can be harsh when you look at the reviews. Yet, Union boasts over 120 reviews and 4.5 stars – that’s almost a perfect rating with a fair amount of reviewers.

Tips to get the best experience from Union

Union Squid Ink Garganelli

First of all, it is important to note that Union only seats about 50 people. It is a small restaurant that is gaining popularity.

Take someone out on a date here. The small restaurant feel makes it seem like you are in a movie. It is the perfect place to wow someone special.

Make a reservation. With such limited space, a simple reservation can save a lot of waiting around. You can even make a reservation through Yelp!

Try the Squid Ink Garganelli. People just cannot seem to get enough of it.

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