It was only six years ago that Clarkliving friend Chris DeWitt developed a line of mirrors. After leaving his post as president of Free People, the luxe bohemian brand that counts Urban Outfitters and Anthropolgie among its sister companies, DeWitt teamed up with furniture designer Oscar Yague. They began by making mirrors that were used in Anthropologie’s infamously well-curated stores, but it wasn’t long before their new company began to grow—and it hasn’t stopped since.

Made Goods, the original furniture line that grew from DeWitt and Yague’s mirrors, now makes bedroom, living room, outdoor, and accent furniture, as well as chandeliers, lighting fixtures, mirrors, décor, and so on. The pieces are clean, classic, simple, versatile shapes that are made unique by their intriguing textures and materials.


From left: Ramon media buffet in faux raffia, Brennan bed in bronze twisted iron and Beckett vintage inspired metal stool. 

Once Made Goods took off, the logical next step was to start filling in the design gaps. If you have a meticulously crafted living room and bedroom, why wouldn’t you want your bathroom, bar, and office to be just as consistently elegant? Enter Pigeon & Poodle Fine Home Accessories, the second incarnation of Made Goods. Pigeon & Poodle picks up where Made Goods leaves off; the line features similarly classic pieces interpreted in modern and distinct ways.


From left: Albert clamstone shell mirror, Douglas antique brass chandelier and Elsa cylindrical faux raffia finish.

If you’ve managed to outfit your surroundings with Made Goods’ furniture and Pigeon & Poodle’s accessories, and you’re wondering how you can possibly make your kitchen and dining details meet the standard you’ve set, worry not. Blue Pheasant, the third incarnation of Made Goods, is forthcoming. Blue Pheasant covers all things table top- from dishware, to glassware, to place settings, and more.

All three lines scour multiple continents for distinct inspiration to create a seamless, global aesthetic. The Blue Pheasant website, as well as the line itself, is on its way. I was lucky enough to spy on a photo shoot for the upcoming line, and I can assure you you’ll be lusting after everything they have to offer.


Made Goods and Pigeon & Poodle are wholesale companies; in Los Angeles, you can find the lines at Plantation, Mecox, Accessory Preview, and other fine boutiques. You can also check out their wares at and



By Steve Clark - Clarkliving | June 18th, 2015 | Uncategorized