An Accessible Design Blog Goes Analog: Meet Rue

Are your saved posts on Instagram becoming a disorganized jumble with overlapping categories like, “interior design” and “bathroom remodel?” Are you finding saved posts for that area rug you wanted to revisit floating amongst the general population of your posts because you saved it at 2 am in your half-sleep? Is your Pinterest starting to […]

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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Greetings from Mansfield, MA, 2576 miles from our front door in Linda Vista. On trips like these I’m always fascinated with getting to know a new neighborhood’s history, architecture, and (of course) real estate market. Our daughter is enrolled in a summer session at Berklee College of Music in Boston, so we took the opportunity […]

Tidy LA

As a skeptic (and a slob), I was surprised and pleased by how Meredith Ryness responded when I asked how she approaches those who are skeptical of Marie Kondo’s method. “Honestly,” she said, “it isn’t for everyone.” I’d read (some of) The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and I’d even done some tidying based […]

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Anna Howard Shaw Day

I’m a sappy romantic, generally filled with love and affection, and I’m currently planning a wedding to an equally sappy partner. And I’m telling you confidently that Valentine’s Day is a load of crap. It’s a day filled with pressure that makes singles and couples alike feel awful more often than not. Everything is disposable […]

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Manitoba’s + CLNY

Tomorrow night marks Clarkliving’s official NYC launch. If you or any of your ilk are in or around the city, swing by and join us in celebrating this milestone at Manitoba’s in the East Village from 8ish to 11ish pm. Why Manitoba’s, you ask? There’s a certain cosmic connection between our company and one of […]

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Fight Academy

I admit that I’m both a Pasadena townie and a gym rat, and it’s that background that makes the current incarnation of Fight Academy so heartwarming to me. Other Pasadena townies may recognize the ghost in these photos as Jake’s, the divey-est bar west of the 35er, and lament that the once-infamous pool hall is […]

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Tie the Knot x LZZR Jewelry

In 2012, actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family) founded Tie the Knot, a non-profit focused on marriage equality. Over the past 5 years, Tie the Knot has raised over $1M and grown into realizing global efforts to advocate for LGBTQ rights and marriage equality beyond the states. Tie the Knot raises money by releasing limited-run seasonal […]

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Alan Chang: Say What I Gotta Say

  Alan Chang, a Clarkliving client and close friend, is one of those people you don’t realize you already know. Perhaps that’s why his first solo album, Say What I Gotta Say, is so significant; we’ve all heard his work, but now we actually get a chance to listen to the guy. Chang, an alum of […]

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Fiore Market Cafe

You don’t need to know the story behind Fiore Market Cafe, the bustling little lunch spot on the corner of El Centro and Fremont in South Pasadena, to feel that there’s something wonderful afoot as soon as you walk in. Fiore embodies the essence of a place like South Pasadena; it’s petite and familial and […]

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A Guide to Summer Cocktails, in Chronological Order

It’s August already. It’s uncharacteristically humid. Deadlines are still looming and school will be back in session soon. You deserve a you day. A you-and-your-person-or-people day. A chance to enjoy the dwindling days of summer as they should be enjoyed: with an ice cold beverage or five. Come, join me. Let’s take a lil tour. […]

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