Tomorrow night marks Clarkliving’s official NYC launch. If you or any of your ilk are in or around the city, swing by and join us in celebrating this milestone at Manitoba’s in the East Village from 8ish to 11ish pm. Why Manitoba’s, you ask?

There’s a certain cosmic connection between our company and one of the last true living punk rock monuments in Manhattan. Manitoba’s is a petite vestige of what a punk rock dive should be: frills-free and dank with character, history, and a utilitarian integrity. It’s a place that is uncompromising in an industry where competitors shift their images with the trends.

The bar’s namesake, Handsome Dick Manitoba (b. Richard Blum) opened the spot on Avenue B almost twenty years ago. Manitoba himself has been sober for nearly 35 years, but his life and career have been built primarily on two things: fronting the legendary proto-punk band The Dictators and bartending. When it came time for entrepreneurship, Manitoba focused on what he knew and the memorabilia laced bar was born.

As Clarkliving grows, we realize our industry is at a crossroads. So how do we move forward in a way that exemplifies our integrity as opposed to sacrificing it? By continuing to do what we know, and pushing harder than ever before. We’ve always embraced tech as a way to connect with our clients and potential clients; our brokerage, Compass, allows us a more comprehensive way of executing that vision. We’ve always gravitated towards a clientele rather than a geographical area, and the beginning of our expansion into NYC means we can really help our people outside of LA.

Manitoba’s is located at 99 Avenue B, NY, NY 10009. Come by Thursday night, 01/18/18, from 8pm-11pm for a drink or two, a couple hugs and high fives, the best jukebox in town, and some delicious noms courtesy of the Kimchi Taco Truck.

By Steve Clark - Clarkliving | January 17th, 2018 | Uncategorized