Sidonie Studio Wallpaper in "Elephant"

Sidonie Studio Wallpaper in “Elephant”

Designer Sidonie Loiseleux did a project on origami fighter jets for her MFA thesis at Cal Arts. Loiseleux was fascinated by origami and loved the paradox of creating a representation of something incredibly powerful and violent with something as delicate as paper. She was equally entranced by the contrast in scale between the reality and the representation, as well as by the patterns left behind once the paper jets were unfurled.

SIdonie Studio Wallpaper in "Whale"

Sidonie Studio Wallpaper in “Whale”

Years later, after settling down in Echo Park, Loiseleux was working as a textile designer. As many artists do, she found it difficult to reconcile her personal art work with the art work she made for a living, until she hit an impasse. In 2014, Loiseleux decided to take the leap and begin her own design studio, one that merged her talent for textile design with her interests in both origami and entrepreneurship.

Sidonie Studio Wallpaper in "Snake"

Sidonie Studio Wallpaper in “Snake”

Sidonie Studio produces made-to-order wallpaper emboldened with patterns that are the byproduct of origami. This unique approach addresses multiple design elements and ideas. All of the original origami pieces are made with white paper, so the resulting wallpaper appears in white and grey tones. In terms of interior design, this allows for both vibrancy and subtlety. The patterns are geometric and magnetic, but because of the lack of color they don’t overpower or shrink the room. Using repetition to create a pattern for wallpaper also satiates Loiseleux’s urge to experiment with and examine scale.

Sidonie Studio Wallpaper in "Fox"

Sidonie Studio Wallpaper in “Fox”

Her first collection focuses on animals, with designs that come from origami snakes, whales, elephants, and foxes. If Loiseleux’s designs look familiar, you may recognize her style from the interior of Downtown LA’s Gelateria Uli. She takes on both custom and commercial work, and is in the process of putting together her second wallpaper collection which will be finished this spring. Loiseleux also has plans for a more affordable line of wall paper, as well as lines of fabric that employ the same design concept.

Inside Gelateria Uli

Inside Gelateria Uli

Sidonie Studio’s wallpaper is designed and printed here in Los Angeles. You can view the collection and order wallpaper and samples online at Be sure to also keep up with Sidonie on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram @sidoniestudio.

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