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If you find yourself drawn to highly curated environments filled with an eclectic array of influences and intoxicating scents, you’ll be in hog heaven at Spitfire Girl. If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve probably already been there. With two storefronts, a thriving online presence, and a wide range of made-in-house goods that get shipped to other retailers locally and internationally, Spitfire Girl has become a powerhouse for unique gifts.


SFG’s Card Collection


The feverish energy, creativity, and tenacity behind the Spitfire Girl brand comes directly from the spitfire girl herself, owner Kristin Schroder. Fifteen years ago, Schroder started the brand with quirky box cards and cards printed on cherry wood. Over the past decade and a half, she’s followed her intuition to its logical and illogical ends to create lines of bath and body goods, candles, apparel, home goods, prints, gifts, trinkets, and more. Today the stores also carry wares for which Schroder happily scavenges the globe. Some of her finds become inspiration for SFG products and others wind up right there on the shelves, or used in SFG’s infamously creative displays.



In addition to the namesake brand, Spitfire Girl’s Hillhurst and Melrose stores are a treasure trove of vintage and antique pieces, art books and objets d’art, taxidermy and other natural curiosities, and endless displays of rare and uncommon goods that range in influence from Southern to French to Egyptian to Latin American to Texan– a nod to Schroder’s own deep Texas roots–with an underlying tone that is wholly Los Angeles.

A display featuring goods from Spitfire Girl's Egyptian inspired Potion Collection

A display featuring goods from Spitfire Girl’s Egyptian inspired Potion Collection

You’ll notice right away that Spitfire Girl–as if the name weren’t indication enough–isn’t for modest, shrinking violets. Many of their trademark goods are emblazoned with delightfully vulgar slogans and imbued with a distinct sense of humor. The scents that lace their perfumes and candles are often bold and mysterious, and every detail of their products are carefully designed to look beautiful and intriguing on display.



SFG Pillows Made in the USA

“Creating an ever-changing, perfect collection is our main focus. We want to manifest the most unique and curious environment,” Schroder says, and she’s clearly on the right track. Spitfire Girl is growing rapidly, so keep your eyes open for new trademark products and even new store locations in the future.

Spitfire Girl has two locations: 1939-1/2 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles 90027 and 7401 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles 90046. The Hillhurst location is open Sunday-Thursday from 11am-7pm, and from 11am-7:30pm on Fridays & Saturdays. The Melrose location is open everyday from 11am-7pm. You can also check out their store online at www.spitfiregirl.com and follow them on Instagram @spitfiregirlrocks and Twitter @myspitfiregirl. 


By Steve Clark - Clarkliving | April 28th, 2016 | Uncategorized