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Splendid began with one simple goal: to create the ultimate t-shirt. Over the past thirteen years, that humble aspiration has grown into one of the country’s most successful contemporary lifestyle brands. You can find Splendid’s collection in department and specialty stores as well in their own retail stores- of which there now 29 around the country.

Splendid’s latest retail location opened on Colorado Blvd in Old Town Pasadena this past summer. The store itself reflects the brand’s clean, simple, yet detail-oriented aesthetic. With exposed brick and open, flowing displays, Splendid’s new space feels welcoming and serene. Marty Marstiller, Owner and longtime Clarkliving friend and client, is infectiously enthusiastic about the new store. “Pasadena is really the perfect place for Splendid,” Marstiller says. “We make clothing that is super soft and comfortable without compromising fashion and style.” Marstiller exudes the exact vibe Splendid seems to capture- class without pretense.


Splendid’s wild popularity is a result of the brand’s attention to detail and construction. Every piece is easy to wear, comfortable, versatile, and figure-flattering. The line is particularly adored by young, professional mothers- women who want to look incredible without any fuss (and without any concern that their clothing might malfunction in the midst of hoisting a toddler around.) After the women’s items took off, Splendid started producing children’s clothing, and now they’ve got a men’s line as well.

What is it exactly that instills such loyalty in Splendid’s customers? Marstiller attributes their passion to two main factors: fit and fabric. Everything in the store feels incredible. Run your hands over a shirt on display and you’ll be immediately compelled to try it on; try it on and you’ll be surprisingly hesitant to take it off. The cult favorite “Vintage Whisper”shirt is a great example of the way the brand spreads: the cut and fabric were so popular that it spawned numerous versions of itself, including a dress that fits and feels the same way as the top.

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“One of the really special things about Splendid,” Marty says, “is that it’s made in L.A.” Not only is the company employing local workers, they’re also cutting down on the their turnaround time. “We can have a piece go from conception to retail in four to six weeks,” she adds, “that allows us to really listen and quickly respon to what our customers want.”So next time you’re in Splendid and you think, “I wish they made this dress in that print,” speak up- you might be able to buy it in about a month.


Splendid’s Pasadena store is located at 113 W. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena 91105.

By Steve Clark - Clarkliving | April 27th, 2015 | Uncategorized