While Clarkliving friend & client Regina DiMartino was attending Hunter College in New York City, someone offered her a job as a page at ABC. DiMartino took the job and thus began her lengthy career in television. Post-page life, DiMartino transitioned into public relations for daytime TV. Throughout her career in television—which included involvement with CBS, ABC, Fox, TLC, and their affiliated channels—DiMartino rode the wave of change that has altered the structure of television and how we view it.


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With her focus on daytime tv, DiMartino was at the forefront of cultural shifts and changing appetites affecting the television industry. She cites the O.J. trial as a pivotal moment for daytime television. There was a paradigm shift; everyone was watching that trial. Viewership began to decline and has never fully recovered. The popularity of the televised O.J. trial became one of the roots of America’s obsession with reality television.

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The former logo on the left, current logo on the right.

Networks with declining viewership and outdated production models scrambled to adapt and stay relevant. In order to do that, many of them turned to DiMartino and others like her. Not only was she present during the boom, but she also carefully monitored the decline from the inside of the system, which made her a crucial asset to networks looking to change their image and approach.

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The former logo on the left, current logo on the right.

Right around the time everything began to move toward digital content, DiMartino exited the television industry and began doing contract consulting. At the end of 2013, she founded the rdm company— a boutique creative consulting firm that specializes in re-branding a variety of businesses. In addition to television consulting, the rdm company has worked with Pasadena’s Armory Center for the Arts and DeToledo high school, the second largest Jewish high school in the country, among other prestigious businesses.

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Learn more about the rdm company at www.therdmcompany.com. You can contact DiMartino via email at or by phone at (323) 496-7714.

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