Architecture Tour | Silver Lake

An architecture tour is a great thing to do in Silver Lake. It is no secret that Silver Lake is full of wonderful architecture.

Architecture Tour

Earlier this week, we posted a blog about Richard Neutra and his influence in the Silver Lake area. He is one of the many inspirations that mark the character of Silver Lake – and his work can be seen on many of the architecture tours.

One of the most famous streets when it comes to architecture is Micheltorena in Silver Lake. It features John Lautner’s famous Silvertop house, as well as designs by Rudolph Schindler (who worked closely with Neutra), Gregory Ain, Robert D. Farquhar.

The Micheltorena Street Architecture Tour is a one-mile stretch of 13 private homes that have a unique architectural history. It is a great tour to go on and get a little exercise and fresh air. The tour is a little bit slower than most of the other tours in Los Angeles because you have walking time that allows you to admire each place a little longer.

Architecture Tour

Silver Lake features architectural work of both modern and not-modern designs. The areas run all over Los Angeles, but many of the much-coveted areas are within Silver Lake.

Another great architecture tour is Architecture Tours L.A.. They have various tours (which means you can take several tours!) that go through several different neighborhoods. With Los Angeles having just about every type or architectural style invented, it is really easy to see the diversity that runs through the location. Plus, these tours are from the comfort of a van and air-conditioning – a great idea even in the summer.

Architecture tours offer a look into unique architecture styles you wouldn’t normally see. Silver Lake is a great place to take an architecture tour. We bet you haven’t seen all these beautiful styles before!

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