Quality Location & An Easy Vacation – Big Bear

Big Bear Lake
Living in Los Angeles has many benefits – namely location. Of course living in and near a big city means that there is a downtown area, nightlife, lots of shopping and restaurants, and all that other good stuff. But it doesn’t always mean location relative to other destinations. Take Big Bear for instance.

One of the great things about living in Silver Lake, or really Los Angeles in general is the ability to reach all sorts of ideal travel locations within a short drive. You have the beautiful beach just moments away, you have access to lakes, mountains, snow, beautiful camp grounds, and so much more.

One of my favorite destinations is Big Bear.

Big Bear – What’s it all about?

Big Bear Cabin
I’m sure you have seen the stickers on people’s cars with bear paws or other significant features relating to Big Bear. Once people take a trip to Big Bear, they realize just how special this area is.

My family and I took a nine-day trip to our cabin in Big Bear. It’s the perfect time to go. The kids are getting ready to go back to school, so it gives us a chance to have some quality fun without homework being a priority, and the weather is beautiful.

Big Bear View
It only takes us about 90 minutes to get from my home to my cabin in Big Bear. Tell me that is not location! Vacation is only an hour and a half away.

Big Bear Family
When your vacation destination is this close to home, it gives you a chance to invite guests to join you – without it being a major money burden for anyone involved. There is no need for plane tickets. Travel fare is simply some gas to get there and back.

The ability to have people join us on our vacation is one of my favorite parts of our Big Bear location. On our nine-day trip, we were able to invite two separate sets of friends up to visit us. It offered the adults some fun time, and the kids enjoyed it too.

Big Bear Renaissance
When it comes to Big Bear, there is just so much the family can do. We rented a pontoon boat at Pine Knot Marina, grabbed a delicious bite to eat at Black Diamond Tavern, and we even attended the renaissance fair in Fawnskin! We took a two night camping trip at the Pine Knot campground and my son and I took a tent selfie. Talk about new experiences.

Big Bear Biking
Big Bear offered us a really great chance to have quality family time, too. My seven-year-old son learned to ride a bicycle on this trip – something neither of us will be forgetting during our lifetimes. It’s memories like these that a vacation can give a family, and we are fortunate to live just 90 minutes away from an amazing destination location.

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