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Dean Accessories

Dean Accessories is located in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Dean Accessories blends methods of the past with leathers and designs of the future for a vintage look on a modern day piece of art.

Buying a handbag at Deans Accessories is a great way to spend your day. Every bag at Deans is handmade in Los Angeles. These bags are some of Silver Lake’s finest leather goods. Each piece of leather is selected with care – which is why every bag is original.

If you are looking for a reason to splurge and buy something from Dean Accessories, we have the perfect excuse. Better with age. It is well worth your money when your accessories look even better with age.

This store can quickly turn into a girl’s best friend when it comes to leather bags. They have all sorts of eye grabbing colors like light green and grayish blues.

Dean Accessories bag

Dean Accessories has more than just purses though. They have bags for men in all different styles – great for holding an important notebook, folder, or even a laptop. They have belts, purses, bracelets, folders and even more!

If you are into recycled goodies, Dean Accessories has something for you. They recycle and reuse past leather products to create new goods that are one of a kind and pristine quality.

This store is more than just a fashion statement though. This store offers unique art. Silver Lake is rich with art when it comes to galleries and exhibits. But, Silver Lake has more to offer when it comes to art. There’s art in the architecture, in the galleries, and in shops like Dean Accessories.

For more about Dean Accessories in Silver Lake and to see some of their products for sale, check out their website.

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