Eagle Rock, Los Angeles

Eagle Rock Map

Eagle Rock is located in Northeast Los Angeles in the San Rafael Hills. Pasadena can be found to its east. Highland Park to its south. Silver Lake to its southwest and Glendale to the northwest.

Eagle Rock earned its name due to the large rock outcropping that resembles the profile of an eagle’s head at certain parts of the day when the shadow can be seen. In 1911, Eagle Rock became a city and it joined Los Angeles in 1923.

Since then, Eagle Rock has become an ethnically diverse, high-income neighborhood. It houses Occidental College and has a number of historically significant buildings.

Eagle Rock’s Notable Facts

Eagle Rock

• You can find the eagle shaped rock that earned Eagle Rock its name at the district’s northern edge. The massive boulder has an indentation, which gives the boulder a bird-shaped shadow at certain times of the day.

• Beautiful streets marked with large, expensive homes on large lots can be found on some of Eagle Rock’s most beautiful streets. They include:
o Hill Drive (formerly Hill Avenue)
o Highland View Avenue (formerly Highland Avenue)
o Mt. Royal Drive (formerly Royal Drive)
o Maywood Avenue (formerly Fairmont Avenue)

• There are quite a few architecturally significant homes in Eagle rock that feature styles like Craftsman, Georgian, Streamline Moderne, Art Deco, and Mission Revival.
o These styles are common in Eagle Rock and give it its own, rich character.

• Quite a few major motion picture studios have chosen Eagle Rock to house the filming location of major films. Eagle Rock can be seen in features like:
oTop Gun
o An episode of The O.C. during its second season
o The Incredible Shrinking Woman
o Hunt for Red October

• Ben Affleck, who was also a former Occidental College student, lived on Hill Drive with his roommate at the time, Matt Damon They co-wrote a script for Good Will Hunting while living together here.
o In fact, there are quite a few notable residents that reside in Eagle Rock that include comedians, actors, writers, artists, authors, and more.

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