Frogtown – Southeast of Silver Lake

Frogtown is the nickname given to Elysian Valley. It is located just Southeast of Silver Lake and Echo Park.

FrogTown Map

On the East and South sides of Frogtown, you can find the Los Angeles River. Not only does this tell how Elysian Valley got its nickname, Frogtown, but it also gives way for the fairly lush, green neighborhood.

The LA River, once barren, is now commonly said to be almost like a jungle. People can be found fishing in the water at all times of day – searching for fish like cormorants, herons, and carp.

How Frogtown Got its Name


Before flood controls were constructed, the LA River was known to have some major flooding. In the 1930s, the river basin was wild and had several major floods. The flooding of the river brought about many American Toads.

In the 1960s and 1970s the toads were at their most recent peak. People described the streets being covered in frogs. We now know they were actually toads. But hey! The nickname Frogtown was too catchy. Residents have often joked that you couldn’t take one step without stepping on several frogs.

There were so many American Toads during this time that they lined the streets. If they weren’t in the streets, they were sitting in the neighborhood lawns. Thus, Elysian Valley became known as Frogtown.

Prior to being known as Frogtown, Elsian Valley was known as Gopher Flats. At the turn of the century, railroad workers made their homes here.

The Future of Frogtown

While the future of any city is hard to predict, I think Frogtown is going to be the next big thing. As developers look at the neighborhood, it can be seen that this city has a lot of potential. New is meeting old. This is an example of a place with rich culture meeting modernity. Frogtown is seeing a revival. New businesses are opening their doors and new complexes are being built.

Plus, location can really influence the price of real estate. The power of real estate along the river is really boosting prices in the neighborhood and it shouldn’t be underestimated that this has potential to be the next big, hip place to be.

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