People Watching

People watching is something people often do, but frequently overlook. See, people watching is practically a habit – we watch where we are going, and we stay aware of our surroundings.

People Watching

But to sit down and enjoy the site as people come and go is a cheap way to enjoy a day outside. People watching is best done in an area where there will be lots of people coming and going – such as an area near the Silver Lake Reservoir where people jog, take their dogs to the dog park, or just come out to enjoy the water.

Another great place to people watch is near the nightlife – nothing beats watching people come and go from the club. You can see the scandalous outfits on the way in, and I’m sure you will see the occasional intoxicated woman carrying her high heels in her hands on the way out.

Grab a cup of coffee. Sit down near a window in one of the many cafes and watch as people walk by. You may meet the most interesting person. Maybe you will pick up on a new style from one of the hipsters walking down the street. Or, you may even find a really great book to pick up and start reading.

The places to people watch are endless in Silver Lake – odds are, if you have a balcony, you can start people watching from your own home!

People watching isn’t just for the people though. There might be a really cool car drive down the street that would have normally passed you by, unacknowledged. You might see the world’s most ridiculous dog breed. In fact, you might see two or three of those in a day just because there are so many dog breeds out there.

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