Silver Lake Dog Park

Taking your dog to the Silver Lake Dog Park is a great thing to do. It is another great option for when you are in the Silver Lake area. The Silver Lake Dog Park is located on Silver Lake Blvd. near the center and southern tip of the Silver Lake Reservoir.

Silver Lake Dog Park

The Silver Lake Dog Park is located near the Silver Lake Recreation Center, which is located on Silver Lake Drive. The recreation center is another awesome destination in the Silver Lake area.

The Silver Lake Dog Park is the perfect place to take your pup when you have some spare time. I’m sure your four-legged friend is just begging you with his big puppy eyes to take him on a walk. This is a fantastic option.

It’s also great for those new puppies that need to get socialized. This offers your new furry friend lots of new friends – and hey, you might even make a friend or two with the other dog owners.

This dog park has several amenities. They include:

• A small dog section and a large dog section.
• Spigot and water bowls.
• Shovels to scoop up that doggy do.
• Plastic chairs and a bench.
• Shade structure.
• Picnic table beneath shade structure.
• Double gates for security.
• Convenient location.

There is also a jogging area near by that goes around the Silver Lake Reservoir. This is also a great place to tire out your pet if they love a good jog and so do you.

There are also low cost vaccinations available every second Saturday of the month near this dog park.

The community members have created a website that is dedicated to making this dog park a great place for both dogs and humans. They “facilitate classes, lectures, volunteer activities, community meetings, and events…”

When you are out looking for something to do in the Silver Lake area, the Silver Lake Dog Park is a wonderful option – and a great excuse to invest in a new best friend.

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