Silver Lake Ramen

By: Tina Lerno Katz

Silver Lake Ramen noodlesAre you looking for your next favorite local eats? Well, if you haven’t already discovered its noodley, yummy goodness, I’ll let you in on my local’s only recommend; Silver Lake Ramen.

Sometimes the best-kept secrets need to be shared. I’m always torn between sharing my secret spots and wanting to divulge my discovery with friends.

Silver Lake Ramen is quickly becoming a fixture among the young, hip and hungry on the east side. They appeared by stealth last year, not even bothering to change the former spot’s Papusaria mural that faced out to Sunset.

Now if you drive by, you’ll see hungry locals waiting for a table. The food is simple and straight forward, and so delicious! Their motto is, “… creativity, passion, and good faith. We began our studies in ramen in 1970 in Kyoto, Japan as its popularity began to spread across the country. After 42 years of experience, we have discovered one of the best methods for cooking the noodles and soup we make for you today.”

Silver Lake Ramen TunaThey also make a crazy good tuna on crispy rice that beats higher priced sushi that other places offer.
Check out their menu online or visit their Facebook page for more info!

The only downer of Silver Lake Ramen is the lack of parking, but if you get there early, you might just find a coveted spot in the lot!

There are so many restaurants in and around Silver Lake that it is often hard to pick one. In fact, even if you made it a mission to try a majority of the restaurants, it would be a nearly impossible task. We are dedicated to being community experts in Silver Lake and bringing you our own personal recommendations.

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