Whole Foods Market in Silver Lake

Whole Foods Market is making its way to Silver Lake. There have been rumors of Silver Lake finally getting a Whole Foods Market since 2013 when Ralph’s claimed it was just renovating the store.

Whole Foods Market

Well Silver Lake, it isn’t just a rumor any more. Whole Foods Market is set to open its doors sometime in 2015. Hey! That is not too far away when you think about it.

While there were rumors in 2011 that turned out to be a hoax about a Whole Foods Market moving into the area where a former Circuit City used to be, this one is the real deal.

Whole Foods Market will be located at 2520 Glendale Blvd.

Whole Foods Market 2

After several smaller businesses closed their doors, and leases were no longer renewed, it has become clear that Whole Foods Market will be moving in. It is definitely a great time to sigh with relief!

Whole Foods Market has some serious standards when it comes to the type of products they carry.

They focus on seafood sustainability, animal welfare standards, community conscientiousness, and they carry a whole trade guarantee.

Whole Foods Market is a great place to find organic food. Their products are locally grown and they support the local farmers. This also means less transportation that allows it to be more environmentally friendly.

If you haven’t been to a Whole Foods Market yet, you are in for a treat. While the major details haven’t been confirmed, a look at other Whole Foods Markets suggest some pretty exiting features. There is a famous juice bar that people seem to rave about at other Whole Food locations.

Whole Foods Market also boasts a food bar. This is a great place for people looking to grab a quick bite to eat. They offer healthy items, which is even better than going to grab a quick bite to eat at a local fast food joint. Whether you just need a meal for one later that night, or forgot to bring a lunch to work, it is definitely a great option.

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